We apply our traditional media experience to the current platforms to create compelling, professional stories for the Social Media Age.


With our vast experience in video production and photography, we create popular social media campaigns that will cover all your needs. Be it posting on Facebook and Instagram about a trip in a new vehicle, like we did for Land Rover, or following a skier up a mountain and posting how his jacket, boots, skis, power bar, etc. are performing for him. We also utilize our high tech state-of-the-art UAV/Drone Systems that can post video or photos live from any event or develop use them to capture innovative shots that will make your social media campaign put your company on the map.

The current media landscape has moved away from traditional Commercial production, and towards Social Media. Bridger Productions is uniquely qualified, with deep knowledge and experience in traditional media production, and the expertise to apply that towards the current Social Media World.

Social Media Video Production Services Include:

  • Crafting photo and video campaigns for each platform
  • Working with social media talent and personalities
  • Writing posts to accompany photos and videos
  • Aerial photography and cinema to give that professional perspective

Social Media Video Production Portfolio