Camera Chase Cars

Bridger’s expertise/collaboration with Drone/UAV shooting combined with their Camera Chase Car shooting will give any company/brand the most smooth and unique angles they will need on any production.

What We Offer in Camera Chase Cars Services

We have remote control Camera Cars with black arms that use stabilized camera gimbals and Movi Systems that carry; Red, Arri Alexa, Sony or any other camera configuration.

Our black arm mounts combined with our stabilized gimbals isolates high-frequency vibration, giving ultra high-quality type video footage.

Our Camera Chase Car mounts make it easy to capture stunning Chase Car style footage at a fraction of the price; 4×4 rugged road shots or mountain road shots, reg highway/country road shots i.e.: following road biking, mountain biking, snow biking, skateboarders, running horses, wildlife, etc.

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